The CEO and Founder

Jorge B. Marrero is the Chief Operating Officer (CEO) and founder of International Private Investigative Services, LLC (IPIS).  Before creating IPIS, Mr. Marrero served three years as a law enforcement liaison officer with Absolute Software, over 24 years as a criminal investigator with the United States (U.S.) Department of Justice (DOJ), and is a certified fraud examiner (CFE).  Mr. Marrero has a bachelor of science (BS) degree in accounting and a masters of art (MA) degree in human resources training and development (HRTD). 

As a law enforcement liaison investigator with absolute software, Mr. Marrero was responsible for identifying, tracking, and recovering assets (computer laptops) that were reported stolen by the customer. To accomplish the mission of recovering the property, Mr. Marrero established partnerships with the various law enforcement agencies and prosecutors in Mexico, Central, and South America. Using absolutes software investigative tools, Mr. Marrero analyzed, identified, and prepared investigative summary report used by law enforcement entities as evidence to recover the reported stolen property in their respective jurisdiction. 

Mr. Marrero is a retired criminal investigator with the DOJ/U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).  He was assigned to DEA headquarters – office of financial operations, several domestic and foreign field offices.  During his tenure with DEA, Mr. Marrero worked as a criminal investigator, supervised several federal task force groups, the mobile enforcement team, and was a country attaché.  Based on these facts, Mr. Marrero gained the experience, knowledge, and expertise in conducting a thorough and complete investigation. Mr. Marrero has testified in U.S. federal, state, and foreign courts systems.  

Mr. Marrero is a CFE, who is trained to identify warning signs and red flags that might reveal evidence of fraud and fraud risk vulnerability within business entities. Mr. Marrero’s training allows him evaluate the predicate (bases of inquiry) and to possibly identify evidence of fraud prior to initiating an investigation, such as billing trends, financial relationships, and financial data irregularities. 

Based on the experience and training acquired in government and business, Mr. Marrero is a senior leader in U.S. and international criminal investigations, fraud investigations, compliance and due diligence investigations, property recovery investigations, and financial crimes investigations.