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As a Retired Supervisory Special Agent with U.S. Department of Justice, confidentiality and protecting your personal information (PPI) is paramount and held to high scrutiny. I strongly believe in professionalism, integrity, respect, and loyalty to my clients.

My IPIS Mobile Fingerprinting Service is professional and efficient fingerprinting at your convenience. IPIS Mobile Fingerprinting is available 24/7, you call – we go to you! IPIS will travel to your home or company. Personal attention at competitive prices.

IPIS Mobile Fingerprinting offers many of the fingerprinting related services such as:

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Mobile Fingerprinting Services Miami-Dade County and South Broward County Appointment Process

System Approved by: FDLE-FBI-ATF-FINRA

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Applicant Required Identification and requesting Agency ORI number:

All applicants will be required to have two (2) forms of identification to be fingerprinted. One of the two types of identification must bear your picture and signature such as a driver s license, state identification card or passport. Applicants cannot be permitted to be fingerprinted without proper identification.

Applicants are also required to bring Name, ORI number, and any specific human resource (HR) instructions from the requesting Agency. (Example: AHCA – Florida Agency for Health Care Administration – Managed Care – ORI#: EAHCA790Z)

IPIS Mobile Fingerprinting Service

We at IPIS Mobile Fingerprinting Service use live scan fingerprint capturing. Our equipment is certified and approved by FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement), DOJ (Department of Justice), and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). We also comply with the photo compliance guidelines set forth by DOH (Department of Health) and AHCA (Agency for Health Care Administration).  The live scan electronic fingerprint reader is faster and cleaner compared to their ink and paper predecessor; but they are also more accurate and less prone to error when transporting fingerprints between organizations.

According to The State of Florida Title XXXI: “LABOR”, Chapter 435 “Employment Screening”, there are two (2) types of background checks used in Florida: Level 1 and Level 2.

Level 1 Background Check (F.S. 435.03): Is summarized as a Florida FDLE State specific records check not FBI. The applicant’s name is used to generate his/her reports showing employment history, national criminal history, national sex offender registry, and in some cases the report may include a credit check and local criminal history records. 

Level 2 Background Check (F.S. 435.04): Level 2 background checks “includes, but need not be limited to, fingerprinting for statewide criminal history records checks through the Department of Law Enforcement, and national criminal history records checks through the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” it should be conducted on employees holding positions of trust and responsibility. These are employees working with the elderly, children, and other vulnerable groups.

Offenses and Charges That Will Prevent You from Passing a Level 2 Background Check

[Click Here] For the Complete List of Disqualifying Offenses and Charges

List Of Florida Agencies Requiring Level 2 Background Checks with Electronic Fingerprints

Florida ORI Numbers, Professions, and Fees

Notice/Disclaimer: The below ORI list is information only its accuracies cannot be guarantee. The applicant(s) has the responsibility to receive, obtain, and ascertain their appropriate ORI from the AGENCY requesting the background check.


ORI Number - Profession - Fingerprint Fees: $98.00

ORI Number – Profession - Fingerprint Fees: $86.00


ORI Number – Profession - Fingerprint Fees: $86.00


ORI Number – Profession - Fingerprint Fees: $86.00


ORI Number – Profession - Fingerprint Fees: $78.00

juvenile justice

ORI Number – Profession - Fingerprint Fees: $86.00


ORI Number – Profession - Fingerprint Fees: $78.00

florida highway

ORI Number – Profession - Fingerprint Fees: $78.00

florida office of financial

ORI Number – Profession - Fingerprint Fees: $78.00


ORI Number – Profession - Fingerprint Fees: $98.00

florida department of business

ORI Number – Profession - Fingerprint Fees: $78.00

florida health department

ORI Number – Profession - Fingerprint Fees: $98.00